A review from Alishya Weiland

I’ve always wondered why we don’t see many females in politics. Even before I started looking into it myself, I found it puzzling that often when it was time to vote I was stuck deciding between this man or that man. I was hopeful it wasn’t as bad as I thought, but when I picked up Elect Her written by Fred Groves, I was surely disappointed.

Out of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories only one of them has a female premier.

One out of 13. In total, there have only been twelve female premiers and one female prime minister. Out of 338 seats in the House of Commons only 98 are held by women. That’s not even 30 per cent. The numbers look just as grim for many municipalities around the country.

This means that whether women like it or not, often decisions about female reproductive rights, equality rights and more are decided by men. Only men.

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