We moved our once monthly readings to a more random online version in 2020. They will always happen on a Sunday and will generally stat at 5:00pm. We will continue to host our events online through 2022. Check out our Upcoming Schedule for more information.

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Cayley Brightside and Alison Gadsby

Alison Gadsby is the host/curator of Junction Reads. She a writer, reader and swim mom and swim volunteer. She graduated from UBC with an MFA in Creative Writing and got an Honours BA in Creative Writing and English from York University. She lives in Toronto with some dogs and a few humans. She has just finished the 5th revision of her novel and holds about 30 short stories in her laptop.

Cayley Brightside is JRs fantastic Event Coordinator. She is our fun and friendly behind the scenes show runner! She is fluent/proficient in a number of languages, including American Sign Language. A graduate of the University of Ottawa, Cayley holds a degree in Conflict Studies and Human Rights., so don’t pick a fight, her calm and pleasant demeanour will win you over. Cayley is currently enrolled in the Humber College Creative Publishing Certificate Program.

This is what it sounds like when we host reading in person:

Our monthly readings are open to emerging and established prose writers. Contact us today to secure your spot in our schedule. Although, we currently do not have grant funding, we work our butts off to sell raffle tickets and get our door box filled. 100% of our proceeds go to our readers. Our joyful Event Coordinator, Cayley, will greet you at the door and should you wish to share questions about writing or reading for our authors, but are too shy to ask, we will have pen and paper for you.

We know how expensive an evening out can be, so we are thrilled to offer you free coffee, tea, brownies cookies and some other surprise snacks. Feel free to make a small donation to our little basket, but there is no obligation to do so. We would rather you spend your money on books in support of Anansi and our authors. (This is where our readings used to be, when we could shake hands, hug and enjoy coffee and snacks together.)