Most Canadian writers wear many hats. In addition to being authors, they are their own researchers, editors, publicists, marketers and salespeople. Getting their books into your hands is hard work, usually for little pay. And it often means participating in readings, book clubs and other events for free. The amazing cultural content you’re experiencing through Junction Reads comes to you at no charge. Please, if you can, support our contributors with a financial donation. Links are below. Please designate to which author or contributor you would like to direct your donation. If you do not assign your donation, we will direct it toward administrative costs.


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We host up to 30 authors a season. With no support (this year) from arts councils, we rely on a pay what you can system. As we are presenting our authors in a virtual format, there is no physical hat to pass. So we hope you will make a donation here.

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In partnership with moorehype publicity, we will be offering new writing to you. Reviews, prose and the occasional poem, you will read this creative content here first. You can make a donation in support of this online publication here.



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