Our 2021-2022 Season is in the books!

We are so very excited to welcome you into our virtual space again!

Our 2021/2022 Season

There will be novels, short stories, memoir and even a tiny bit of prose poetry!

Who you can also look forward to hearing from Heidi von Palleske, Shoshona (S.M.) Freedman, Jessica Moore, Eamon McGrath, Wayne Ng, Yejide Kilanko, Frances Boyle, Nic Brewer, Ceilidh Michelle, Lindsay Zier-Vogel, Cheuk Kwan, Silmy Abdullah, Robert Hough, Stephen Henighan, Edith Blais, Hollay Ghadery, Anna Dowdall, Dorothy Palmer and K.R. Wilson!!

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Jessica Moore returns to Junction Reads on October 24 with her gorgeous narrative poem, THE WHOLE SINGING OCEAN.

From Harbour Publishing, I cannot wait to discuss this true story told in lyrical form.

“Part long poem, part investigation, this true story begins with a whale encounter and then dives into the affair of the École en bateau, a French countercultural school aboard a boat.”

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November 7, Hollay Ghadery joins us to celebrate the one year book-iversary of FUSE.

Guernica Editions published Hollay’s memoir, written as a series of essays that explore her experiences as a bi-racial girl, woman, mother.

“Drawing on her own experiences as a woman of Iranian and British Isle descent, writer Hollay Ghadery dives into conflicts and uncertainty surrounding the bi-racial female body and identity, especially as it butts up against the disparate expectations of each culture. Painfully and at times, reluctantly, Fuse probes and explores the documented prevalence of mental health issues in bi-racial women.”

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On November 21, we turn to hockey and history with, LETTERS FROM JOHNNY, a wonderful little book from Wayne Ng.

Published by Guernica Editions this book appeals to readers of all ages. If you enjoy stories that place characters in Canadian historical moments, you’ll love this.

“Eleven-year-old Johnny tries to make sense of a murder, an absent father, and the FLQ Crisis through heart and humour-filled letters to hockey legend Dave Keon. Dripping with nostalgia and awash with humour, Letters From Johnny is set in 1970’s Toronto through the eyes of mischievous Johnny Wong, a lonely boy who tries to stickhandle a neighbourhood of immigrants and draft dodgers.”

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Watch the book trailer.

Thrilled to have Yejide Kilanko read from her novel, A GOOD NAME, on Sunday December 5.

Published by Guernica Editions, this novel achingly human narrative that interrogates the ways men and women are bound by tradition, culture, family, and each other. 

“Twelve years in America and Eziafa Okereke has nothing to show for it. Desperate to re-write his story, Eziafa returns to Nigeria to find a woman he can mold to his taste. Eighteen-year-old Zina has big dreams. An arranged marriage to a much older man isn”t one of them. Trapped by family expectations, Zina marries Eziafa, moves to Houston, and trains as a nurse. Buffeted by a series of disillusions, the couple stagger through a turbulent marriage until Zina decides to change the rules of engagement.”

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On December 12 we get to sit and talk short stories with Frances Boyle. SEEKING SHADE was published by The Porcupine’s Quill and it’s a collection filled with women and men who “explore identity and independence, navigate complicated relationships and confront the fallibility of mind and body.”

“A reckless young woman dances through the Second World War—and through the lives of many a man in uniform. A graduate student considers a popular film and revisits a past tragedy as she watches flames devour her apartment building. A hardworking man struggles to come to grips with his own helplessness at three stages of enforced quietude. A wife and mother questions her health—and her sanity—when she is plagued by phantom pains and visions of ghostly twins.”

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On January 9, Nic Brewer returns to Junction Reads with SUTURE, her debut novel, a book of three inter-weaving stories.
Published by Book*hug Press, SUTURE introduces us to three artists “tearing themselves open to make art.”

“To make her films, Eva must take out her eyes and use them as batteries. To make her art, Finn must cut open her chest and remove her lungs and heart. To write her novels, Grace must use her blood to power the word processor. Each artist baffles their family, or harms their loved ones, with their necessary sacrifices. Eva’s wife worries about her mental health; Finn’s teenager follows in her footsteps, using forearm bones for drumsticks; Grace’s network constantly worries about the prolific writer’s penchant for self-harm, and the over-use of her vitals for art.”

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January 23: Ceilidh Michelle offers us a glimpse into her memoir, VAGABOND: VENICE BEACH, SLAB CITY AND POINTS IN BETWEEN.

From Douglas and McIntyre, Vagabond is Ceilidh’s experiences At “drifting through countercultural communities along California’s coast, from Venice Beach to Slab City to Big Sur.”

“Sleeping in parking lots, camping out in abandoned beach cottages and mansions, (Ceilidh) finds community, easy and fraught, with fellow travellers: musicians, veterans, ex-cons, addicts, drug dealers, artists and con artists. Still, dreams and fleeting notions of home fuel and shadow every encounter, haunting the places she stays, offering moments of both grace and violence.”

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February 6, Lindsay Zier-Vogel shares readings from her epistolary novel, LETTERS TO AMELIA.

Published by Book*hug Press, Lindsay has taken her love of letter writing (Love Lettering Project) and given us a beautiful story about Amelia Earhart.

“Grace Porter is reeling from grief after her partner of seven years unexpectedly leaves. Amidst her heartache, the thirty-year-old library tech is tasked with reading newly discovered letters that Amelia Earhart wrote to her lover, Gene Vidal. She becomes captivated by the famous pilot who disappeared in 1937. Letter by letter, Grace understands more about Amelia while piecing her own life back together.”

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February 20, we will welcome Cheuk Kwan with the most interesting prose project, HAVE YOU EATEN YET?

Soon to be published by Douglas and McIntyre, Kwan’s stories bring us to different Chinese restaurants around the world and offers “a living atlas of the Chinese diaspora, and charts the synergy of politics, culture and family.”

“The family-run Chinese restaurants are global icons of immigration, community and good food. They dot even the most remote of landscapes as cultural outposts of brave sojourners, the bringers of dim sum, fortune cookies and unimagined culinary hybrids. A deeper look inside, however, reveals a complicated history of cultural migration and world politics. The Jade Gardens and Golden Dragons that populate towns and cities from Africa to South America are intricately bound up in the social schisms and political movements that propelled the world into the 20th century and beyond.”

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March 6, we get to chat with Silmy Abdullah about her gorgeous collection of eight stories, HOME OF THE FLOATING LILY.

From Dundurn Press, Home of the Floating Lily shares the stories of “immigrant families from a Bengali neighbourhood in Toronto (as they) strive to navigate their home, relationships, and happiness.”

“A young woman moves to Toronto after getting married but soon discovers her husband is not who she believes him to be. A mother reconciles her heartbreak when her sons defy her expectations and choose their own paths in life. A lonely international student returns to Bangladesh and forms an unexpected bond with her domestic helper. A working-class woman, caught between her love for Bangladesh and her determination to raise her daughter in Canada, makes a decision after a dark secret from the past is revealed.”

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On March 27, Robert Hough brings us his seventh novel, THE MARRIAGE OF ROSE CAMILLERI.

Published by Douglas and McIntyre, The Marriage of Rose Camilleri is the extraordinary tale of an ordinary marriage.

“A young woman moves to Toronto after getting married but soon discovers her husband is not who she believes him to be. A mother reconciles her heartbreak when her sons defy her expectations and choose their own paths in life. A lonely international student returns to Bangladesh and forms an unexpected bond with her domestic helper. A working-class woman, caught between her love for Bangladesh and her determination to raise her daughter in Canada, makes a decision after a dark secret from the past is revealed.”

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April 10, Stephen Henighan comes back to Junction Reads with his latest novel, THE WORLD OF AFTER from Cormorant Books.

Spend some time in the 90s and early 2000s with three characters connected by a violent past.

“When Kevin, an Irish Montrealer, attends graduate school at Oxford University in the early 1990s, he meets Leon, a London Jew from a Communist family, and Alex, a Soviet defector’s son raised in Toronto. The trio forms a complex and conflicted friendship from which Alex pulls away, spending his time tutoring a charming, upper-class student. When Kevin and Leon play a prank on the undergrad, the dire consequence sends Kevin into an emotional tailspin.”

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April 24, we have the privilege of welcoming Edith Blais to Junction Reads to discuss her memoir, THE WEIGHT OF SAND.

Greystone Books is the publisher of the English translation of Edith’s harrowing story of her 450 days held hostage in the Sahara.

“In January 2019, news outlets reported that a young Canadian woman and her Italian companion were presumed kidnapped while traveling in Africa’s Sahel region, a haven for Islamic terrorists.

Little was known about the pair’s fate until they reappeared in Mali more than one year later, having apparently escaped their captors.”

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May 8, Charlotte Mendel joins us with REVERSING TIME: ONE BOY’S QUEST TO CHANGE HISTORY, published by Guernica Editions.

“The odds are definitely against Simon, racing home from school every day a step ahead of the school bullies–until he finds the talisman. Even as the talisman begins to destroy his family, Simon discovers that he belongs to a tribe of people with the power to travel along the length and breadth of their own life lines. Simon is shocked to learn that they expect him to help halt humanity’s destiny: extinction. A fast-paced fantasy YA novel, Reversing Time tackles vital themes in today’s society–such as climate change and the environment–within the context of an exciting page-turner.”

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May 22, Anna Dowdall joins us to talk about her mystery novel, APRIL ON PARIS STREET.

Published by Guernica Editions, April on Paris Street takes the reader on a thrilling journey through Montreal and Paris.

“The basic damsel-in-distress gig sounds perfect to private investigator Ashley Smeeton, who’s got her own personal and professional struggles in Montreal. Against the backdrop of the winter Carnaval, the job first takes her to Paris where she’s drawn into an unsettling world of mirages and masks, not to mention the murderous Bortnik brothers.”

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June 5, Dorothy Palmer joins us for our penultimate reading with her book, KERFUFFLE, from Presse Renaissance

All I know about the novel is it’s going to be a funny book about an improv troupe in Toronto around the time of the G20 summit in 2010. I will update this post as soon as I have more information and a book cover.

Check out this video of Dorothy talking about accessibility.

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We will wrap up our season on June 19 with K.R. Wilson with another great book from Guernica Editions.

CALL ME STAN follows an immortal through three millennia, from “his origins as an Anatolian sheep farmer to his custody in a Toronto police interview room.”

Over “three thousand years of Eurasian history, CALL ME STAN is the story of a man endlessly struggling to adjust as the world keeps changing around him. It is a Biblical epic from the bleachers, a gender fluid operatic love quadrangle, and a touching exploration of what it is to outlive everyone you love. Or almost everyone.” 

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One day, hopefully in the not too distant future, we will be back in person without anxiety or fear of another wave.

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