Thursdays at 7:00pm on Instragram.

What is The First Thirty?

I started Junction Reads in 2014 because I love talking about writing, books and how writers live. I have to say the greatest joy is hearing how writers face and overcome the obstacles of writing something great with only the spark of an idea: something readers will not want to put down, writing that people will want to talk about.

Writers know, and readers too, the first pages are the most important in any novel, memoir or story. And I want to talk about it.

The First Thirty is an Instragram Live series where I will meet authors for a quick chat (30 minutes) to talk about writing, and how they shape those first pages to be a warm welcome to the reader; to include the hook that makes a reader want to keep reading, and to give us the characters we either want to love or really hate.

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October 20 at 7:00pm, Nataša Nuhanović joins me to talk about her novel, The Boy’s Marble from Guernica Editions.
February 16 at 7:00pm on Instagram Live, Denise Davy joins me to speak about writing her compelling true story, HER NAME WAS MARGARET from Wolsak and Wynn.
November 10: Elaine McCluskey chats about her collection of short stories Rafael has Pretty Eyes from Goose Lane Editions.
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