Junction Reads is thrilled to announce our very first readings for our YA readers and writers.

There is much evidence that proves deep reading at a young age improves intelligence, empathy and general niceness. We all want to to have nice smart kids, don’t we? Yes!.

Bring them to Famous Last Word on April 30 at 5pm. We will host Allan StrattonKJ RankinShalta Dicaire Fordin and Sarah Sahagian and Danielle Younge-Ulmann. Your teens can pick up some new summer reading and meet some incredible writers!


“Observing young people’s attachment to digital devices, some progressive educators and permissive parents talk about needing to “meet kids where they are,” molding instruction around their onscreen habits. This is mistaken. We need, rather, to show them someplace they’ve never been, a place only deep reading can take them.”