In a world filled with readers who are being spoon-fed news stories like helpless babies, we might want to stop and read a book. Nothing can be more provocative and life-changing than a good book. We know this and yet we continue to read blurbs and blips of clips of real or fake news (who really knows the truth?) to inform our righteous opinions on the state of the world and to give us “insight” into these politicians who have never been so famous. Did anyone know who the attorney general was during the Obama administration? I didn’t? Did you know who the Education go-to person was? Nah-uh, not me. So why do we care now? Canadians have lived a solid 150 years indifferent (defined as open-minded to many) to the shitstorm around us? This is worse, for sure, but where did all the opinions and arguments come from?

Close Facebook and Twitter for a few days and read some books. Great advice from a great writer!