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Our New Season has got us excited!!

I hope you can join us on October 16 as Carol Giangrande, April Ford, Jesse Gilmour, Nathaniel G Moore and Stephen Henighan take the stage!

Edit: Our new location Axis Grill and Gallery has an incredible basement space that is going to be our perfect new home!! And we get a sandwich board to increase foot traffic. #soexcited

I knew this year was going to be fantastic when a flood of requests filled the junctionwrites inbox after only a few emails were sent out to publicists and publishers.

I also got a little more excited when they delivered my Little Free Library (Charter #37775) and I stuck it on the front lawn (well the handyman did) and then I painted it (my Mum painted it, okay okay, I just paid for it and will keep it filled!).

See, I try and purchase every book presented by our authors, and although it is super hard for me to pass them on to others, I simply feel too selfish hanging on when so many people could get pleasure from reading them. So after taking the stage at Junction Reads , our authors’ books will find a home in our little library (after I have finished reading them).

We will host a special YA reading on April 29. Spaces are still available. Otherwise we are full booked, with one spot left in May of 2017.



February 22nd at 3030 Dundas West

We are excited to finish our first year with a great line up. 3030 is a super venue with a fantastic menu and delicious indie beers on tap. The Junction just happens to be the coolest place in Toronto to live and work.

Hope we see you there! 4-7pm 3030 Dundas West, Toronto.

February 22, 2015

Aggrey Sambay

Ron Schafrick

Peter Norman

Nancy Jo Cullen

Michael Winter

We will be off the month of March and will return April 26th.

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