I hope you can join us on October 16 as Carol Giangrande, April Ford, Jesse Gilmour, Nathaniel G Moore and Stephen Henighan take the stage!

Edit: Our new location Axis Grill and Gallery has an incredible basement space that is going to be our perfect new home!! And we get a sandwich board to increase foot traffic. #soexcited

I knew this year was going to be fantastic when a flood of requests filled the junctionwrites inbox after only a few emails were sent out to publicists and publishers.

I also got a little more excited when they delivered my Little Free Library (Charter #37775) and I stuck it on the front lawn (well the handyman did) and then I painted it (my Mum painted it, okay okay, I just paid for it and will keep it filled!).

See, I try and purchase every book presented by our authors, and although it is super hard for me to pass them on to others, I simply feel too selfish hanging on when so many people could get pleasure from reading them. So after taking the stage at Junction Reads , our authors’ books will find a home in our little library (after I have finished reading them).

We will host a special YA reading on April 29. Spaces are still available. Otherwise we are full booked, with one spot left in May of 2017.