Most Canadian writers wear many hats. In addition to being authors, they are their own researchers, editors, publicists, marketers and salespeople. Getting their books into your hands is hard work, usually for little pay. Reading series like Junction Reads are important, which is why we try our very best to bring you the best of new prose from Canadian writers, most of hum represent the small presses we love so much, and promote the heck out of them!!

That’s where you come in. We don’t expect followers and friends to attend every reading. We’re all busy balancing our own creative lives with the other strange life we’re trying to live right now.

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Junction Reads and moorehype publicity have joined forces to bring irregular but exciting content featuring members of Canada’s impressive literary community. While moorehype’s client base will be featured from time to time, other authors, publishers and literary factions will also make their way into these pages over the coming months as this experiment in literary enthusiasm continues to grow. So follow this blog for updates and links to new work!

More importantly, check out the small presses and the independent bookstores in your community! This season’s authors represent only a smattering of the great independent publishers in Canada. Dundurn Press, Douglas & McIntyre, Book*hug Press, Inanna Publications, Simon and Schuster, Orca Books, Buckrider Books, New Star Books and Invisible Publishing.