I am so grateful to Baka Gallery Cafe for offering a space to Junction Reads in 2020, but the accessibility issue weighed heavily on me. Junction Reads wants to be open and welcoming to all, and so we feel truly blessed that House of Anansi has agreed to let us into their space.

So on January 26 and February 23, we have already lined up some talented authors and even better news is Anansi is going to try and stock their books!

In January, we will welcome Sally Cooper, Dean Serravalle, David Albertyn and Maria Meindl. In February, we will be joined by Louise Ells, Laure Baudot, Keith Ross Leckie and Carolyn Bennett.

Join us at 5:00pm at the Anansi Bookshop

128 Sterling Road
Toronto, Canada

Accessibility Information: 

From their website: The front door to the Anansi Bookshop is at 128 Sterling Road, with access down two steps from the sidewalk. There is an accessible entrance to our office and bookshop through the front door of 128A Sterling Road, the adjoining building, which is west of us through the parking lot, on the other side of Henderson’s Brewery. If you will use the accessible entrance please contact us at 416 363-4343 x 0 and we will meet you to show you the way in.